Monday, 24 September 2007

24Sep07 - Mondays Girl

Lucy has been a bit off it for couple of days now. I don't know if she is just uncomfortable or still has sore arms and legs from all the injections and cannulas. She grumbled all the way to school but did seem to relax once she got there. Lucy gets a little note in her school "Contact Book" every day. The Contact Book is really good way of keeping us involved and letting us know what is going on at school. It also gives us a good idea when Lucy has had a good day and when she is not feeling too good. The very first line in the book is "WHAT A STAR! Lucy has been brilliant on her first day at school", which was excellent to read and reinforced what a good decision it was to send Lucy to Fairfield School. Today at the end of the note was one sentence which made me smile, "Lucy has enjoyed having a big cuddle towards the end of the morning session." She is very good at getting what she wants. How many schools can you go to where you get a big cuddle when you're not feeling too good? Lucy says thank you Fairfields for being absolutely brilliant. When we picked her up from nursery this evening we heard that when the bus dropped her off the escort just said she had been crying all the way there. Lucy had probably been on the bus for 1 1/2 hours which would have been enough to make me cry! It wasn't so bad when we knew she was sitting happily on the bus and falling asleep but I don't like to think of her unhappy for so long without anybody who really knows her. I guess we will have to monitor it and see how it goes. I have a busy time at work this week so Dawn is going to be left to do everything. Unfortunately it can't be avoided but I had a word with Josh this evening and I am sure he will be the responsible, helpful big brother. We have got quite a nice weekend to look forward to. We are going to a fund raising event for Bethany's soft play area on Saturday night which will give me and Dawn some more selfish time, Yay!

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Gran & Grandad said...

Hi Josh, Where would we be without your help for your little sister."Lucy"
Lots of love from Gran & Gran dad Haigh. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. Gran will see you there anything you would like bringing ?