Tuesday, 4 September 2007

04Sep07 - First Day at School

Lucy and Josh getting ready for school

Lucy looking cute with her pigtails

Lucy and Laila with their matching buggies

Ready for some hard work on the computer

Josh and Lucy after a hard day

It was pretty hectic this morning as it was a new routine for us gettting two children ready for school. Lucy was as good as gold and didn't even complain too much when Dawn did her pigtails. We dropped Josh off first but he didn't want us to get out of the car (Its not cool to be walked into school by your parents anymore). We then waited at Lucy's school for her best friend Laila to arrive so that they could go in together. I have to admit to feeling slightly emotional. The school staff gave the children an amazing welcome and ushered us in to the school. After taking Lucy to her classroom and making sure she was ok (Don't know why she wouldn't have been) it was time to leave, childless. It was really quite strange.

We did have a minor hickup with transport. Lucy is supposed to be taken home by the school bus at lunchtime. We were concerned about her travelling on the bus but decided in the end that it would be ok and it will give Dawn at least an extra hour every day. However we got a phone call from the school at about 12:30 to say that the transport company had not realised that Lucy was in a chair and were expecting her to be in a car seat. This meant Dawn had to rush up to the school to pick her up and her teacher had to miss her lunch while she sat with Lucy. The excuse from the transport company was that they did not have any straps to strap Lucy's chair down. For a company that specialises in transporting people in wheel chairs you would think that they might carry spares.

They day still ended well. Lucy and Josh came home happy and Lucy especially looked worn out. Hope you like the photos.


fairenuff said...

Oh Neil,
I have a tear in my eye looking at those photos. What a monumental day for you as a family. Dont worry, Dawn will get used to her spare time (what is spare time anyway?)!! When Bethany went to school nursery I spent the first few days sat on the edge of the sofa afraid to start doing anything! Ha ha!

You realise you are on the slippery slope downhill to Josh moving out and getting married?! Once you are no longer cool you have to try to embarrass them. Turn up to pick them up in your slippers and with food down your front!! Hee hee! Give him a big kiss from me and tell him I'm proud of him being head boy.

Shannon said...

You have gorgeous children! I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog from mine.

Neil said...

Shannon thats no problem at all I would like to do the same with yours if thats ok with you

Nicky said...

I love the photos. I am very proud of my neice starting school and looking so smart. A good example for her 12 year old cousin who went to school with her long hair not tied up because it was the 'school photo' and would not be cool! I hope you continue to enjoy school Lucy and you Josh.
Nicky and Co