Wednesday, 19 September 2007

19Sep07 - She's Back

Lucy has been a little sweety today, her spark has come back. She made my day this morning when the first time I spoke to her she gave me one of her best smiles, in fact she gave me two or three. Dawn has been with Lucy most of the day and she says that Lucy has been happy and smiley all day. Sunday seems a long time ago now. Dawn took Lucy to the hospital this morning to get the results of the infection tests and to get the cannula taken out. The results still hadn't come but the doctors were confident that they would be clear so they took the cannula out anyway to save Dawn having to go back. One of the doctors phoned in the afternoon to confirm that the tests were clear which means this episode is over. We are both pretty tired but happy that we can get back to normal. Dawn took Lucy to the Child Development Centre this afternoon to see Lucy's Play Therapist and adopted Aunty Debbie. Unfortunately Lucy doesn't get to see much of Debbie these days because as she now goes to school, she no longer goes to the Child Development Centre. Debbie is brilliant and really helped Lucy and Dawn in the first months. She always sees the positives in everything and is one those special people who can see beyond disabilities. She always treats Lucy like a normal little girl, not a little girl with cerebral palsy, just a normal little girl. Dawn always used to say that the sessions she spent with Debbie were the only times she felt normal herself. Dawn went to take some toys which had been bought with money raised by our niece's school. In July Dawn helped Becky with a school project about disability awareness. As part of Becky's project Dawn gave a talk to Becky's class about what life is really like caring for a child with cerebral palsy. Dawn did an excellent job, really engaged the whole class and actually enjoyed it at the same time. The class then decided that they wanted to raise some money so arranged a bake sale. They managed to raise £30 for the Play Therapy department. I am so proud of Dawn for doing the talk, she has a real gift for tackling our issues head on and never backing away from an opportunity to make things better.


The Van Huyssteens said...

glad life is back to - dare I say it - normal :-)

well done to Becky's school

the VHs

Gran&Grandad Haigh said...

Nice to see "Lucy May" back home, and well done to all the children at Becky's school.

love Gran & Grand dad Haigh. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Very relieved to hear that Lucy is "back" and that you and Dawn can get back into routine again.
Love your blog !
Ann and Tudor